New article series – Field Fitness

Recreational hunting across Australia can take many different forms, from hiking the Victorian high country for endless kilometres to spotlighting from a vehicle in a Queensland paddock. Regardless of the type of hunting you participate in, there is a clear need for a level of fitness in the field. This new article series will explore the importance of field fitness and the benefits of training for your hunts. We’re going to be doing an article a month of field fitness, including training advice, recovery, injury prevention, personal stories, and much more.

We want to hear from you

We have a series of articles planned with physical therapists and trainers, but we would also like to hear from people within the hunting community. It’s important to share our stories with each other, stories of personal achievements showcasing where your own fitness goals helped make you be successful on a hunt, what training methods you use, what you find important, or even examples of failure too. Examples of failure are really important to share, because preventing a bad situation is important in creating a good situation.

End thoughts

This is just a quick article outlining what we plan to do with this new series and hope that everyone will end up learning something, and that we can have some good conversations about this topic.

Lastly, we want to outline this won’t be specific health advice and that you should always consult with a physician before starting new fitness endeavours.


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