Conservation and Hunting Media

Why media?

At Eureka Tactical, we firmly believe in the importance of spreading a positive and thoughtful message to a wide audience. We also know that we aren't the only people with a message to spread in this sphere, so we have created this space here to direct you to other people who have importance messages to spread on the topic of wildlife conservation and/or hunting. 

These are all people who have been a positive influence on us and hope you check them out.

Zach Williams - Aussie Arrow and The Hunting Connection Podcast

Zach is a long time Australian hunter, fisherman, meat eater, and outdoorsman. He produces the Hunting Connection Podcast, which is aims to connect his audience with hunters, fishers, and outdoors people in sharing their life and experiences, and hopes to tackle tough hunting stereotypes.


Cody Gearon

Cody is a lifelong hunter, fisherman, and all round outdoorsman, based out of NSW, Australia. He's hunted all over the world and has started a new YouTube channel where he posts informative and entertaining videos of his hunting adventures. 

Instagram | YouTube

Send It Mate Podcast

Send It Mate Podcast comprises of three great blokes (really two and a half), Couchy, Caleb, and Josh, based out of Adelaide, SA. These guys share their hunting stories and other mischievous adventures weekly, whilst also having informative podcasts with great guests. We highly recommend you check out their podcast.

Instagram | LinkTree


Forrest Galante - The Wild Times Podcast

Forrest is a wildlife biologist and tracker who has found animals previously declared extinct, and the host of The Wild Times Podcast. The Wild Times Podcast discusses many outdoor topics, wildlife, wilderness, and everyday life in a fascinating and comedic way. 


Ivory - wildlifewithivory

Ivory is a Texas-based naturalist, hunter, and conservation enthusiast. Ivory hunts to provide for herself, but also as a way of contributing to conservation efforts in the United States. Providing education and positive representation for hunting is extremely important to Ivory, striving to share knowledge and efforts through her platform.


Drew Kanes - The Drew Kanes Podcast

Drew Kanes is a wildlife biologist in training, who is active in his pursuit of practical conservation and nature engagement. He is a proponent of fitness in the outdoors, and hosts his own podcast where he engages guests from around the world on various outdoors and scientific topics.


Firearm Owners United

Firearm Owners United, FOU, aims to unite the Australian shooting community, to help provide a voice for their concerns, and lobby on their behalf.