Featuring Eureka Tactical

As we grow, we want to be able to spread a positive message about hunting and the hunting community. We believe that partaking and being a good voice within the community and industry will help both to grow and bring in more people to this great activity. 

Hunting Connection Podcast

First appearance

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Daniel appeared on the Hunting Connection Podcast to talk about firearms, hunting, culture, and part of what Eureka Tactical stands for. 

Second appearance - deer

Daniel and Zach spent a couple months preparing a deep dive into the scientific literature surrounding deer in Australia, and turned that into a 3.5 hour podcast discussing all things relating to biology fieldwork, scientific experiments surrounding deer, and most importantly exactly what sort of damage they do to the Australian environment. This was a great recording and you will be sure to learn something new from it.


Send It Mate Podcast


Guest appearing on the Send It Mate Podcast (SIMP), Daniel spoke about deer in Australia, interactions as a shooter and hunter with inner city university classmates, and shutdown one of the host's dreams of an Australia wide shipping canal.

Drew Kanes Podcast

Daniel appeared on the Drew Kanes Podcast to talk about university, biology work, accessibility, and the importance of fitness in the field.

Wildlife with Cookie

Daniel collaborated with Cookie to show him how to navigate through the Australian bush and find some of our wonderful nocturnal animals.