Hunting and shooting can be difficult, however fortunately we have a great community who are always happy to help each other out.
Every couple of Tuesday's we like to run "Help a Hunter" Tuesday, asking everything for their best advice on a certain topic.

Here we list everything we've got so far:

What's one item you always bring to the range?

  • Can't forget your tools and a stapler
  • Electronic ear pro(tection).
  • Water bottle
    • Yeti preferred to keep the water cold
  • Painters tape to patch targets
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars or spotting scope

What's an item you always bring hunting?

  • First aid
    • IFAK
    • Snake bite kit
    • Knowledge
  • Binoculars
  • A couple different knifes
  • Sugar
  • Wet wipes
  • Camera

Book recommendations for hunters and shooters:

  • African Bush Adventures - John Alexander
  • Long Range Shooting Handbook - Ryan Cleckner
  • Firearm maintenance books
  • Identification guide books
  • Recipe books
  • Death in the Long Grass - Peter Hathaway Capstick
  • Man-Eaters of Tsavo - John Patterson
  • Anything from Steve Rinella
  • The Wilderness Hunter - T.R
  • Art of the rifle - Jeff Cooper

How do you keep fit for the field?

  • Mentally
  • Hard work everyday
  • Gym
  • Hiking
  • Martial arts
  • Pack of ciggies to exercise the lungs (maybe don't though)
  • Walk 3-7kms every morning before work
  • Make everyday leg day
  • Constant hiking in the mountains through different inclines

The first 5 accessories you would recommend a new hunter to buy?

  • Boots, binos, sharp knife, med kit, and a sturdy backpack
  • Boots that fit well, clothes that offer sun protection, a first aid kit with training on how to use it, binoculars, and a Eureka Tactical t-shirt
  • Quality knife, quality environment specific botos, environment specific clothing, backpack, and of course, binoculars
  • Bag, boots, binoes, bino harness, and knife
  • Knife and steel, backpack, RF monocular, head torch, dedicated camos

Advice for hunting foxes:

  • (Spotlighting): if you're having trouble with a white light to have them sit, try a red filter, it's less intrusive to the foxes eyes but yet they still shine
  • Change up your call pitch or type of caller, many hunters use a tin whistle, while they are effective a fox that's had some experience will shy away from it
  • Bring a fox whistle to lure them in and use a shotty if they're on the run, and if they're standing still use a .243 to stuff em up
  • Keep a button whistle handy while spotlighting in case you see one
  • Check wind direction, and avoid blowing your scent into them
  • Use downunder predator calls
  • Have a variety of whistles

Aside from the basic rules, what extra gun safety rules do you have on your hunts?

  • Knowing where shooting buddies are
  • I'll have my bolt closed and decocked on an empty chamber. This means it takes a bit more time to get a shot fired, but the extra bit of safety is worth it to me
  • During a shoot, before we get in the vehicles or proceed on foot, it's part of my rules that we make sure everyone's chamber is empty. Not just mine, but whoever is with me. They also check my chamber. After shots have been fired and we're settled, we check each other's again
  • Always inform property owners when you're on the property and when you are leaving
  • Good spatial awareness of fellow hunting buddies, via coms if handy
  • Don't shoot without a backdrop

Subtle shooting/hunting related Christmas presents for non-shooters/hunters:

  • A nice decorative pelt/skull
  • Wild game cookbook
  • A bow
  • Buying mum a new rifle, but on my licence. Nice
  • Australian animal ID guide books
  • Eureka Tactical merch
  • Venison
  • Gun licence forms



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