It’s 2022. You’d be semi-forgiven into thinking that hunting is an older, forgotten pastime. Afterall, food grows on the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores doesn’t it?

The truth couldn’t be further from that - hunting is flourishing. Not only as a recreational pursuit, but as an aid to conservation, and as a way of life. We asked a diverse group of people one simple question: Why do you hunt?

Cody Gearon; farmer, international hunter

Instagram: codygearon

Image supplied by Cody Gearon

Why do I hunt? That really depends on what part of me you’re asking. The farmer part of me hunts as a form of pest control. A way to protect sheep and cattle as well as the feed I sow into the ground from foxes, rabbits, pigs. It’s a form of conservation in protecting the struggling natives that roam the bush on the properties I work on.

But if you ask the Hunter part of me. Then the answer is Adventure.

Hunting provides me a chance to go out on endless adventures. A chance to see things that normal people don’t see. It allows me to experience things no one experiences. It drove me to walk through the European forests of Croatia, climb the mountains of New Zealand, and listened to the sounds of the North American woods in Illinois.

And most importantly it has allowed me the opportunity to share a camp with various different people that walk a different life path to mine and learn their ways as they learn mine. Can’t beat experiences like that. That is why I hunt.


Misty Oda; Huntress and nature babe

Instagram: kangalbabe1

Images supplied by Misty

My main purpose of hunting is for the harvesting of wild meat and the challenge!

I first started hunting rabbits with my Kangal shepherd dogs in open fields and then moved onto rabbiting with my purpose bred tiny terrors (ferrets). We frequently bring home delicious rabbits for the pot!

There is nothing more satisfying than a trip out into nature, the feeling of quiet adrenaline when scouting and the satisfaction of bringing home a freezer full of wild game.

At this time, I am found at both the SSAA firearms range and at my archery club honing in on my target practice.

Deer, here I come!

Daniel Kuhl; Eureka Tactical, hunter, scientist

Instagram: daniel.kuhl01 | eurekatactical

Image supplied by author

My first introduction to shooting was target shooting .22s and air rifles, then I took a real taking to down the line trap shooting. I got an opportunity to go out bush and shoot on a farm, and that was far more enjoyable than anything I had done prior. This led to me getting a job at the local gun shop down the road almost right after finishing high school, a gunshop that turned out to be the biggest in Australia. Here, I was introduced to many forms of shooting and hunting, shooters and hunters. I learnt a lot about the different problems primary producers face against pests, the issues that shooters face across Australia, and got opportunities to hunt on farms quite often during this time. After moving on from that job, I got my QLD firearm instructors licence, where I thrived in teaching and introducing thousands of people to the joy that is shooting. During this time I knew I wanted to do more, so I enrolled into university.

At university, I studied a Bachelors of Science, majoring in Biology, with Environmental Science and Wildlife Ecology minors. I went in wanting to understand more about the ecology, effects, issues, and everything else caused by the introduced and invasive animals. I learnt so much more, from the microbiology of diseases, viruses, and genetics, to plants, plant ecology, to animals, animal biology, and the science behind invasion ecology. I had also found a new passion in soil science and environmental pollution. I wish to bring all this to the hunting community, as I believe a deeper understanding of what is happening with these animals would be beneficial.

Hunting has primarily been a tool for me. A tool to reduce the animals that kill livestock, that compete for feed, or eat crops. This has primarily been pigs, cats, and foxes so far, but has included other various animals, with one of my favourite hunts being for goats in the New England tablelands, all using various firearms. Through talking with different people, I’ve found a new appreciation in the more trophy and meat side of hunting, and am excited to explore that more over the coming years.

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